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      1. Mon - Fri:8:00 - 17.00 . Sunday:Closed . Emergency:24hr/7days

        Phone: +254 709 855 000 ???? E-mail: Customercare@eapcc.co.ke


        To be the Regional Leader in the Provision of Cement, Innovative Cement Products and Solutions.

        To provide Cement for Infrastructural solutions to the satisfaction of our stakeholders.

        Core Value

        1. Teamwork:  We promote respect, unity and commonness of purpose amongst staff. We also promote and encourage exchange of ideas and openness.
        2. Integrity:  We embrace a culture that promotes honesty, transparency, accountability and professional ethics.
        3. Customer Focus:  We are dedicated to meeting customer expectations.
        4. Timeliness:  We promote timely delivery of high quality products.
        5. Innovativeness:  We encourage creativity, embrace positive change and reward innovation.
        6. Commitment: We ensure peak performance, enthusiasm and excitement for work.
        7. Safety: We ensure that we operate in a healthy and safe working environment conducive for efficient productivity.

        Mode of Payment

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