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        Phone: +254 709 855 000 ???? E-mail: Customercare@eapcc.co.ke


        CEM IV/B (P) 32,5N is a Pozzolanic Cement with wide range of applications from domestic concrete to large building projects. Its good strength performance makes it suitable for both general purpose and structural concrete applications.

        Structural Applications/Reinforced concrete

        • Suspended slabs
        • Beams
        • Columns
        • Foundations
        • Water retaining structures
        • Pre cast concrete members
        • Paving blocks

        Composition and Conformance

        PPC CEM IV/B(P) 32,5N is formulated from Cement Clinker and interground with other constituents, mainly natural Pozzolana, in accordance to the requirements of the following standards adopted from the EN 197 Part 1 - Composition, Specification and Conformity criteria for Common Cements.


        PPC CEM IV/B(P) 32,5N is characterized by good early and 28 day strengths and fast setting and comes in a 50kg bag or bulk

        Mode of Payment

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